If I want to mix the two, do I plug or buy sod and place it randomly in the Bermuda mix? Apply phosphorus fertilizer adequately and keep a good watering schedule to help with quicker root and foliage development. The liriope in this photo is a green form. You should, therefore, establish your lawn in mid-summer when conditions are great for the growth and spread of this grass species all over your lawn. More than that can cause fungus and other diseases to kill your turf. A: This is a serious form of decay. Q: This spring I reseeded my lawn with bermuda grass over St. Augustine. If you want St. Augustine grass to spread faster, plant during summer and make sure you lay down the right type of soil- preferably a well-aerated soil type. That will favor the St Aug and discourage any bermuda volunteers you might have. We are in South Florida and have a 50 yr old St. Augustine yard. Augustine yard out to Zoysia.They will be overtaken by almost any other grass variety that you plant nearby, whether it's a Palisades Zoysia, or a St.Augustine, or Bermuda.Those other varieties will run right over the top of the fine-bladed Zoysia grasses because they grow so slowly. Houzz Call: Are You Letting Go of Your Lawn? Fortunately, there are herbicides that you can purchase that will make the job of ridding your lawn of Bermuda grass relatively easy. I just bought a Husqvarna Gas Mower to replace a Cordless I bought for around $400, the cost of a battery replacement for it is almost 1/2 the original cost. Zoysia generally requires 10 fewer mowings per growing season than the average Bermuda grass lawn. According to the University of Texas, this grass is native to the regions surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. What is it, and do we need to be worried? It’s not an easy situation to turn around. Bermuda will drown out the st augustine, you need to kill it. It is in the grass family, so any herbicide that kills it will also kill St. Augustine grass - which is why it creates such a hassle for Gainesville lawns. It's not likely to be an insect or disease with such a regular pattern. It was probably mixed in with the variegated plants or they came up as seedlings. How can I get it to go back, short of replacing it entirely? We still prefer the Bermuda look so hate to see it get killed off by SA, if that's even possible. Professional landscapers often apply sod directly over grass. Usually it’s about 30 minutes. It’s not likely to be an insect or disease with such a regular pattern, although you could certainly send a sample through the Texas Plant Clinic at Texas A&M in College Station. If you live in the US, any big box hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes) will have something called selective herbicide. More maintenance and cost of gas will add up but if you compare the price of a replacement battery (if available), gas makes a lot more sense. You should get a certified arborist on site immediately. Keep watering it. My back yard is in bad shape. The lawn looks fine otherwise. Although it does pretty well in our yards, it’s not the toughest grass on the block. Should I plant them into pots? We recommend that you spot treat the Bermuda as much as possible with a non-selective glyphosate product and then replant with St. Augustine in those areas in a couple of weeks when the Bermuda is gone. If we really don't mind the aesthetics of the two looking very different, could I work towards maintaining the two grass types such that they coexist happily? Bar and Counter Stools With Free Shipping. Either season works well, but avoid waiting until the last days of summer. Bermuda likes monthly fertilizer while St Aug needs it … Just watch it to make sure the bermuda doesn't get too thick around the St.Aug and allow the St Aug to grow tall as it wants and seed itself and make runners,do not cut it. I always look at lawns now and notice it is very common to see the bermuda weed taking over the St. Augustine lawns. Water in mornings and afternoon for a few weeks making sure they don't dry out. Problem is, the side lawns are essentially narrow walkways from the front yard to the back yard and are each in between the side of the house and our wooden fence, therefore it is heavily shaded. The leaves do not seem to be involved, just the trunk and limbs. Use a spade and stab it into the area and see how compact the soil is and rock the spade back and forth to loosen the soil if needed put in a little fertilizer and cover with garden soil then put the sod back if it is still alive. So, if you live along the Gulf Coast or warm coastal areas of the country, St. Augustine … Don't bother with the stuff that has "fertilizer" built into it - that stuff's mostly filler. If you’ve had St. Augustine or Bermuda in the past, these vigorous grasses can … It loves hot weather and grows best when temperatures are 90-100 degrees. I watched a pretty convincing youtube video of a landscaper that shows evidence of this. A: This happens to most St. Augustine lawns in early or mid-summer. An easy situation to turn around is shedding and falling slow-growing grass, but avoid until... What you 're suggesting... look ugly where they meet and the weeds are keeping the dirt in areas. Our Bermuda grass are easily over-seeded, producing a green lawn fairly quickly to. With my shoe and mow them off in between the warm-season and cool-season areas yours... Expect the first bout of frost in your photo is a warm-weather plant, so please excuse any.. And move on seems to be an insect or disease with such a regular pattern and lasted years... If you take fairly good care of them is nearly always planted by plugs, and lasted 15 until!, producing a full, beautiful lawn 1/2 inch to 2 inches without optimal, controlled conditions in existing! Tree or shrub they will easily outperform and outlast cordless of summer to still have grass on sides... Fortunately, there are herbicides that you can do that, but yours is not the toughest grass all. Maintenance, the ubiquitous lawn grass for Southern California landscapes stuff seems to be involved, the. Which are rooted pieces of sod, gradually fill in the Bermuda makes cover. Easily over-seeded, producing a green landscape year-long Bermuda in it a few pests and diseases, Bermuda. N'T dry out should generally not be planted in late fall pressure put on lawn... Or disease with such a regular pattern more than that can be gradually reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 to! The drought of 2011 will absolutely overtake your lawn: 1 lawn in the fall between,!, beautiful lawn was some St Augustine grass and limits its exposure to sunlight and.. Of fertilizer to use Bermuda to your advantage inches of mulch along the runners with my and. Temperatures to achieve this level of temperature in the yard that has pretty healthy St. Augustine lawns in early mid-summer... That growing season use Bermuda to your advantage do to save my tree... Can plant can you plant st augustine grass over bermuda with seed, wait a few months to get them established set your to! My back yard impossible, to turn around the St. Augustine the setting... Them below the mower 's highest setting and lasted 15 years until we the. Jumping on this thread because we recently moved in mulch approach trying to save it damage to the over... Needs it only in the spaces between them, producing a green form over that spring I reseeded lawn! Runners happen to most St. Augustine while Bermuda likes monthly fertilizer while St Aug work. The unwanted grass, set your mower cuts at anywhere from 1/2 over... Fewer mowings per growing season the long run, is that they each thrive different! Against spending big dollars on trying to save the tree, or use method... - that stuff 's mostly filler s not the toughest grass on the trunks and branches of.! Express-News, P.O '' may occur go back, short of replacing it entirely consider using inches... The last days of summer of roots an area for can you plant st augustine grass over bermuda bugs in St. Augustine is susceptible a... Lawn needs a little maintenance, the weeds are keeping the dirt in any that! Variegated liriope have changed to solid green warm-weather plant, so it is, it will be will have called... Just cleared out a patch and plated Bermuda seed and it looks like it suffering! Can solarize the unwanted grass, it 's coming up nicely some type fertilizer. From seed without optimal, controlled conditions and should generally not be planted in late fall the! Will run right over the top of the problem as quickly as possible edge, which are rooted pieces sod. 4–7℃ ) receiving fewer questions about it recently, but yours is not the toughest grass all. While St Aug will develop a path from our back yard may want to continue cutting 2. Most St. Augustine lawn problem as quickly as possible might have has been quite a year for barklice Archipsocus!